By C.E. Poverman
Published by The Viking Press
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It was getting harder to breathe.  Susan took another deep breath as the close air in the cabin went on pressurizing.  She felt her cheekbones grow leaden, her body begin to swell against the tight uniform, the edges of the wide belt cut into her stomach.  Someone was watching her.  She smiled over the faces in the cabin.  One of them staring at her, which one?  Pressurization.  Pressure in her ears, deep inside her head, the voices, the faces with big eyes and no features, people talking in the distance, she could feel someone, one of the passengers, still staring at her.

After a moment, Mickey’s voice, but not like Mickey.  Mickey’s stewardess voice.  Cool.  Everything under control.  Mickey’s idea of slightly musical:

Aloha, ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard Polynesian Airlines….

Hardcover | 254 pages | 9780670685219 | April 15, 1977