My Father in Dreams

My Father in Dreams
By C.E. Poverman
Published by Scribner
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Grace was packing.  From out here in the backyard, I could look in through the windows and see her walking from room to room—appearing in the bedroom, disappearing, reappearing in the kitchen.  Five weeks ago Gracie gave me the news that she was pregnant.  We’ve been having a tough time since.  This morning she decided to move out; I don’t really want her to, but I feel powerless to stop her.  Or I don’t really know what to say.  Through the murk, I know I love Gracie.  And I don’t want to get rid of the baby—horrible thought.  But I don’t want to marry her—or I just don’t want to be married.  If I did, it would probably be to Gracie….

Hardcover | 480 pages | 9780684190129 | March 2, 1989